MISSION ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT (In order of importance):

A.   Level One / Individual Items needed for basic readiness:
(1)  Rifle / ammo / cleaning kit / lube
(2)  Load bearing harness or LBV / patrol pack / canteens (2qt min)
(3)  Boots (high quality only), heavy socks, 2 sets BDU
(4)  Rain Gear / sleeping gear / bivvy shelter
(5)  First aid kit and misc. supplies
(6)  Sheath knife or bayonet, leatherman tool, entrenching tool
(7)  Compass, tactical flashlight with red, blue lenses
(8)  Leather rifleman gloves, 550 cord or rope
(9)  Hygiene kit, mess gear & eating utensils (stainless only)
(10)NBC protective gear, gas mask, breathing filters
(11)Hands-free multi-band tactical 'commo', spare batteries

B. Small unit Items needed for basic readiness:
(1)Man-portable long-range multi-band tactical 'commo'
(2)Water Filter
(3)Fire starting gear
(4)Spare batteries
(5)Binoculars or monocular / Night Vision Gear

(1)Food & Water (long-term storage, cached supplies)
(2)Arms & ammunition (spare & cached reserves)
(4)Medical support
(5)Intelligence and security
(6)Couriers & communication

If you are missing any of the above items, this will not necessarily disqualify you from participating.  Contact us for assistance!
Coming:  A list of Police/Military equipment retailers that support the Indiana Militia Corps and welcome your patronage.

Please take the time to visit their websites or their stores.

TL Emblem
176 West Logan St. #446, Noblesville IN 46060
Phone: 317-257-1424 • 1-800-942-5454 • FAX: 317-257-1425
TL Emblem makes high-quality, low-cost patches and other items for several militia organizations.  TL Emblem has been the official supplier to the Indiana Militia for all our unit patches for 10 years!
We strongly encourage you to fill your order with TLE.

Dog Tags Direct
2326 Cumberland Drive,  Troy MI 48085-3638
Genuine Military dog tags for $6.99 complete

Note to IMC members - Be sure to order as follows:
Line 1: Last Name, First Name or Initial
Line 2: IMC #/# (Brigade and Rgt numbers)
Line 3: County Name (i.e.: Marion Co.)
Line 4: Religious preference
Line 5: Date of Birth (i.e.: DOB 4-Jul-76)

Medical Tags as follows:
Line 1: Last Name, First Name or initial
Line 2: Blood Type
Line 3: Medical conditions, if any (i.e.: asthma, pacemaker)
Line 4: Allergies, if any (i.e.: medicines, drink, food)
Rock's Surplus - Ridiculously low prices on all kinds of gear!
Regular exhibitor at the Crown Point gun show.
Philip Rock - email
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Cheaper Than Dirt - free catalog, many items at excellent prices